Village or Sea: Where to Send Your Child on Vacation?

He can gain strength and health for the whole coming year, and at the same time, the child can have a fun time both on the seashore and in the village of his grandfather. What to choose?

To the village for health

What awaits a child who goes to rest in the village?

Fresh air. The popularity of rural tourism is not in vain growing from year to year. Clean air, a beautiful landscape, measured life and natural food – during the year, urban residents are sorely lacking precisely this.

In the village there are no rows of cars with their exhaust gases and industrial enterprises that throw harmful substances into the air. “Pumping” the body with oxygen improves the functioning of blood vessels, lungs, heart and other organs. As a result, such symptoms of congestion of the nervous system as irritability, laziness, mood swings and moodiness disappear somewhere in the village. Sleep is normalized: to remind the child that it is time to go to bed will no longer have to. The body itself will go into bed earlier, get up earlier.

Literally in the very first days of rest, he will become more energetic, more active and more fun.

Herbarium for a young man.

Village leisure is significantly different from urban. We need to look for an alternative to going to the cinema or to exhibitions. And she is.

Hiking in the surroundings is very useful not only for physical development. The collection of berries or plants is also an educational event. If adults not only show, but also tell what kind of plant it is, when it blooms, how it breeds, who eats it, a very informative excursion can turn out.

A child who likes to draw may not collect and dry plant samples, but sketch them.

Not a day without movement. A few hours of lessons at school, homework and gadgets – whatever one may say, but throughout the year children lead a sedentary lifestyle. Rest in the village is an excellent occasion to shake the body. Almost every village has a reservoir. Bathing or swimming will not only bring the child a lot of pleasure, but also bring his body to tone.

And cycling will be a good alternative to hiking.

Whether swimming or pedaling, the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems will be grateful.

It is clear that long trips to the forest or trips to the river suggest that the child will be accompanied by adults.

Zoo in the barn. Most urban children have no idea where milk comes from or how it turns into sour cream. It’s time to find out. Grandfather’s chicken coop, pigsty and barn hide many discoveries for him.

Natural food. Fresh milk, fresh cucumber from the garden, grown without chemicals, and raspberries, not treated with products for long-term storage. No E, colorings, preservatives or flavorings, but only vitamins and minerals. With one caveat: everyone knows the affection of grandmothers for feeding their grandchildren. In the village, synonymous with “good” food is often considered hearty and plentiful. Attempts to feed the child with fresh pies, even with fresh and healthy raspberries, it is better to stop immediately.

Breathe the sea

The pleasant aspects of a seaside vacation are well known. What about utility? What will the child get while relaxing on the seashore?

We temper the vessels. Sea water temperature is lower than body temperature. From cool water, the vessels narrow and the blood rushes to the internal organs. Each time, plunging into sea water, the vessels do such a set of gymnastic exercises and become stronger.

Muscles are in good shape. Swimming allows you to load a large number of muscles. And if morning exercises are boring, then swimming in the sea is one of the most favorite types of physical education.

We treat nerves. The noise of the surf and bromine, which is part of the sea water, remove accumulated emotional fatigue as if by hand. Irritability and moodiness will pass.

Breathe deeper. Everyone knows about the benefits of sea air. In sea water in the form of salts there are many minerals. During evaporation, many active substances pass into the air, ionizing it. Inhaling sea air, the body is saturated with such volatile compounds necessary for the body as bromides, iodides and chlorides of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. This healthy cocktail also contains free nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Ionized sea air is good for the lungs and heart, because it contributes to the maximum assimilation of oxygen, the removal of carbon dioxide, and also stimulates the synthesis of B vitamins necessary for the nervous system.

A spoon of tar. Marine climate change requires adaptation. For different children, this period can be from 5 to 10 days, during which the child can get a cold or get an eating disorder. In order to improve health at sea, it is recommended to go for a period of three weeks or more.

What to choose?

During the holidays, ideally, the child needs to provide maximum physical activity, fresh air and the sun, as well as provide him with healthy vitamin nutrition and developing leisure. Both the sea and the village can give a useful and interesting vacation. Fortunately, the summer holidays are long enough to catch the first and second.